Cast and Crew

A painter's tools are his brushes, canvas, paint, and his hands. Mine are places and props, and most importantly people. This makes low budget filmmaking so challenging because you often can't pay people what they're really worth in cash... but the right project could compensate them in better ways more valuable than money.

I haven't made a ton of films, but every one has been a fantastic experience made possible by those who were involved.

I cast the actors in this film out of New York City. I posted online casting notices on a couple actor websites that enabled me to filter down applicants based on headshot, experience, video reels and photos. This allowed me to be very selective with whom I scheduled to meet with and cut down the amount of time I needed to spend renting out an audition space.

The list of actors was narrowed down to 2 or 3 potentials per character. This low number allowed me to spend a longer time with each actor. Instead of a simple monologue, I brought each actor through a series of directing exercises to see how they could take direction, add variation, and perform with a camera in their face. Yes, I filmed every audition and even rented prop rifles for the directing exercises. The auditions were over a period of 2 days. I scheduled them during the week during my lunch break. I found an audition space 9 blocks from my office and just ran up there and back during lunch.

I couldn't be happier with the actors I found, they each contributed to the film beyond what I had envisioned- how great is that? To have your actors take the characters you wrote and bring them even further than you asked them to.

Matt Hayek, actor (Flint)

Chris Miskiewicz, actor/writer (Bofficles)

Joe Barbagallo, actor (Beach Head)

Alex Jones, actor (Road Block)

Mack Kuhr, actor (Zartan)

My crew was minimal, very small, but the specialists I did recruit were incredibly talented, passionate, and ultimately indispensable. The final product is nothing without them. Through working with them, I have come to understand how many directors bring their same core crew with them on every project

Jon Truei, fight choreographer/story and post-production consultant

Joey Minh, fight choreographer/production assistant

Tim Bennett, sound designer

David Campbell, sound composer

Raymond Blong, stunt man

Jae Greene, stunt man/Founder of Fearless Hyenas Stunts

Erik van Wagenen, stunt man/actor